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Abyss Distribution

We began in 1986 and have grown to become one of the largest purchasers of Metaphysical and Spiritual products for distribution worldwide. Our focus is to purchase a wide array of products to supply these items for many genres: New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, Norse, Santeria, or any Path to the Divine. We have even expanded into gift and novelty lines. We purchase from small local craftsman, to national providers, as well as international Importers.

Our 8,000 stocked products are marketed through AzureGreen, our sales and Distribution Company. Here we supply over 3,000 stores, as well as catalog companies, entrepreneurs, seasonal merchants, web stores and more.

Whether you are a small craft company or a large manufacturing firm or importer, we would be glad to consider your product or lines for purchase. See all of our current products on our website at:

To offer your products for review for purchase, please contact our buyer at:

If you would like to send in samples of your products please include pricing sheets, or any other information to:

Abyss Distribution
c/o Buyer
16 Bell Rd
PO Box 48
Middlefield, MA 01243-0048

Make sure to include a return address along with the shipping costs if you would like your samples returned to you.
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